Publisher Policies

IJOCIS adhere to the principles outlined below, which have been devised to ensure the accurate, timely, fair and ethical publication of scientific papers. It has adopted clear and rigorous guidelines for best working practices in scientific publishing, working in conjunction with our academic partners. Such policies will benefit our authors, editors and readers as we strive for a trustworthy, transparent and efficient publishing process. Responsibility for the journal and its policies lies with the Editor-in-Chief in conjunction with the Publisher; any concerns either regarding specific papers or general policies should be directed to the editors.

In many cases, this will require the involvement of authors’ institutes and sometimes the appointment of independent experts. The majority of cases are resolved pre-publication, but some do relate to published articles. Should our investigations find that no action is required, it is our usual practice not to make any public statement about the investigation.

Publisher’s Responsibilities

  • Editors are fully responsible for publication processes. Because editors hold the responsibility of decisions on the submissions and published articles, the Publisher declares and guarantees free editor decisions to be maintained.
  • The Publisher has the responsibility to take all the precautions to avoid scientific exploitation, plagiarism crimes against the Editor.
  • Long-term preservation service(s) where the journal is currently archived is at and our own Technical Team also preserve all content of IJOCIS.