Section Policy

The manuscripts that apply to the journal should be original and not be in the revision process of another journal. Likewise, there should be no further application to another journal after the application is made. Otherwise, the application will be rejected when it is detected.

Previously published abstracts and reports can be sent to the journal, but full-text published studies are not accepted.

Articles are sent to the reviewers after the Editoral review and plagiarism control through ITHENTICATE. Each study is subject to plagiarism detection (ITHENTICATE) by the journal's technical team before going through the "Blind Review Evaluation Process". It should be noted that the maximum rate of each citation is 3%.

The similarity rate of the studies should be below 15% as a result of the plagiarism program evaluation. If the source representation is not correct, even a rate of 1.00% could result in the return of the study to the author.