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International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies (IJOCIS) has been appearing in the scientific world with the eighth issue. International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies (IJOCIS) is not only for the member of TACI, but also all researchers who are interested in teaching methodology of various subject--‐‑matter fields. The overall goal of the journal is to carry on our mission to publish and expose extinguished papers of respectable researchers and young colleagues in the field of curriculum and instruction to our audience. We would like to thank the reviewers of this issue for their comments and proposals on each article and also our special thanks go to authors who support our journal with their original and scientific work.

The current issue consists of eight articles peer--‐‑reviewed for the publication. All the papers are invaluable contributions of the following authors to the literature and our journal. Prof. Dr. Ahmet OK, Res. Assist. Hatice ÇİLSALAR and Yelda SARIKAYA ERDEM An Evaluation of Cappadocia Vocational College Two-‑year Restoration Curriculum”, Assist. Prof. Dr. Fahriye HAYIRSEVER and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali KISAKÜREK Evaluation of Social Studies Textbook in Terms of the Aimed Skills to be Acquired by Students According to The Primary School Curriculum”, Prof. Dr. Kıymet SELVİ “PhenoMethod- A New Teaching and Learning Design”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. İlke EVİN GENCEL and Res. Assist. Dilek GÜZEL CANDAN Investigation of Critical Thinking Tendency and Reflective Thinking Levels of Teacher Candidates”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Melek DEMİREL, Assist. Prof. Dr. Özge AYDIN and Res. Assist. Dr. Özge AYDIN An Investigation of Teacher Candidates’ Level of Using Self--‐‑regulated Learning Strategies”, Prof. Dr. Mehmet GÜLTEKİN and Res. Assist. Zeynep KILIÇ The Functionality of the Life Sciences Course with Regard to Social Studies and Science Courses”, Dr. Petra HIEBL and Agnes FRANG “Children’s Experiences in Learning Workshops- A Pedagogical Child Research” and Dr. Mustafa ÖZTÜRK Modular EFL Curriculum in Higher Education: The Case of Hacettepe University”. The above mentioned papers were subjected for peer review completed.

You are cordially invited to submit manuscripts to be presented at the “3rd. International Congress on Curriculum and Instruction” that will take place at Çukurova University in Adana, in 22-24 October,

2015 and for peer--‐‑review to be considered for publication in our journal (IJOCIS). I look forward to meeting you all at our next congress.

With my best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Özcan DEMİREL


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