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The “International Journal of Curriculum and Instructional Studies” has been released with the current first issue. We invited papers from all distinguished professors in the area to encourage our younger colleagues. We initiated the call by inviting all academic staff in curriculum and instruction, and we included in our first issue those articles that were submitted by some of them. I, on behalf of the association and administrative board, would truly like to thank my colleagues who responded back to the invitation and shared their original work to contribute to the Journal.


Our ultimate aim is to have the audience reach both theoretical and applied research in the field of curriculum and instruction, and help the journal become part of respectable journals in the area. Regarding this purpose, the “International Journal of Curriculum & Instructional Studies” is considered to be published semiannually in June and December. Moreover, the purpose of our journal is to contribute to the field of curriculum and instruction, construct an educational agenda in our country, and become a pioneer in new trends, development and innovation in education so that this may give way to publishing special issues as well.


Our journal, despite it has a well-equipped editorial and advisory boards, we will utmost benefit from a number of field experts who are members in the Turkish Association of Curriculum and Instruction” (TACI) or who are known to be scientists with certain field expertise. The Editorial Board for the first issue agreed on publishing the articles arranged in alphabetical order by the academic titles and authors' name. Our principle is that guest editors will be selected meticulously based on the themes and content to be considered in the forthcoming issue.


Dear colleagues, we sincerely believe that with your contributions with original publications in the field of curriculum and instruction, we expect a long publication period. We expect your contributions to both our foundation and the journal, and do hope that the authors and the audience tolerate the shortcomings that may appear in the first issue.


We encourage all colleagues in the field of curriculum and instruction to become a member of TACI, and wish our journal a long future. I would like to share my indebtedness to all members in the editorial board and the authors.


Hope to meet you again in the next issue. My friendly regards,


Prof. Dr. Özcan Demirel


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