English teachers’ perceptions of the middle school English language curriculum

Keywords: Middle school English curriculum, teacher perceptions, English teacher


In this study, which utilized survey as the research design, it was aimed to find out the teachers’ perceptions of the middle school English language curriculum which was developed in 2012 and revised in 2016. Target population of this study included all teachers working in Turkish public middle schools in Ankara, while the sample was composed of 349 teachers selected through clustered sampling method. A questionnaire developed by the researchers was used as data collection instrument. Findings revealed that many problems with respect to the components of the curriculum developed in 2012 have been solved, while only a few but most crucial problems still exist. It was concluded that this curriculum cannot develop students’ autonomy, communicative competence, and their writing, listening, and speaking skills. More research was suggested to be conducted to find out whether this failure resulted from the design itself or implementation process.


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